Marital Issues

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your marriage or relationship? You find yourself heartbroken, hurt and all alone. You were once loved and valued, but now all that left is regret, resentment, and a feeling of being completely stuck…

I have a wealth of experience working with couples find their ways to re-connect to each other emotionally, or help them rebuild after crises such as infidelity, child loss or infertility.

I am trained in Emotion Focused Therapy, one of the most empirically validated types of couple therapy. Today, Emotional Focused Therapy helped 70–75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and that 90% of them show significant improvements.

Records show that many couples in distress were caught in a dreadful dance of negative interactions that kept them stuck and unable to resolve their conflicts. Using attachment theory, my role is to support couples and help them to recognize their attachment needs, and express their needs through new interactions and new understanding.